As CREATE by KLD is new to the market, we asked some of our customers what they thought of the CREATE by kld experience.

Client 1: Thomas, Glasnevin, Dublin 9

”In a word, excellent.  For me, the concept was perfect as it allowed me to go room-by-room. By contrast, opting for a more comprehensive, ‘white-glove’ service for the whole house would have been prohibitively expensive and also would have overwhelmed me in terms of the decisions that would have needed to have been made from the outset.” 

“The obvious one is the design ideas Vicki brought to the table which are going to instill such a wow factor in the house.  Sort of related to that point is that I was always going to spend ‘x’ amount of money on the interiors whether I tried to wing it myself or brought a professional on board to advise.  The benefit of the service is that my money has gone so, so much further because instead of me assembling an expensive collection of fittings, furniture, materials, everything now knits together so much better, or rather, it will!”

“I was a little surprised, but delighted with how responsive Vicki was in getting back to me on minor follow-up queries I had, weeks after the pack had been sent. Really great customer service when I consider how competitively priced the service is.”

Client 2: Christina, Dublin 4

“It was a really enjoyable experience. This is the first house I have owned, so I didn’t know where to start with the process but I think going through the session and always having an end goal in sight really helped me to focus my mind and always think about the overall look of the whole space rather than room by room! I was managing the project from London so I really needed to have a vision I could execute and leave in the hands of other people.”

“It was also really fun doing the session with my mum and my sister – it was a creative workshop and I enjoyed looking through what Fiona had thought about but also being able to think about what I wanted.”

“It was exactly what I expected it to be – I love the KLD aesthetic so I knew they would be the right people to help me work out how to implement that vibe into my space.”

Client 3: Lily, Dublin 14

“I was downsizing from a large family home to a smaller new apartment. I had some furniture but did not know where to begin. CREATE by kld showed me what was possible in my space. It gave me the confidence to be my own designer, mix the old with the new and be bolder than I might normally be. My apartment now looks like it was designed by a professional interior designer. I couldn’t recommend the service enough.”