You are about to begin your CREATE by kld experience. Before you do, we need to find out a little more about you and the rooms you wish to transform. When you click on ‘begin your journey’ below you will be asked to give details of yourself and your rooms, identify styles you like and give an option of dates and times to choose from.

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 First we need a few details

Which room(s) would you like designed?

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Two room open plan space under 32m² (counts as 1 room)

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Three room open plan space over 32m² (counts as 2 rooms)

Hall, Stairs & Landing


2nd Bedroom

Walk-in Wardrobe




Main Bathroom


 What style do you like?

From the images below please choose your top 5 to best explain the style you want to achieve in the room(s) you have chosen.

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Tell us about you!

Here we want to find out a little more about you. This helps us imagine the space(s), how they are used, and by whom. 

 Show us your space

Show us your room(s)!

To help us help you create your perfect design we need to see some photos and video of your space. Show us some photos that best depict the room. Try to take photos of the four walls, getting in as much of the room as you can.

Please feel free to take a couple of videos from different angles too. Please ensure your video is not set to HD or UHD to keep file size low. You can also use this as an opportunity to upload inspirational images, or styles that you like to help us better understand what you are looking for.

When you upload your images/video you will be taken to a dropbox page which confirms your upload. You will need to return to this page to complete onboarding. If you have any difficulties please email us at hello@createbykld.com


NOTE: If possible, please re-name all files to include your name before uploading to ensure your images are bundled correctly. Example: jane-smith-room—name-1.jpg

 When would you like your consultation?

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NOTE: We need a minimum of 2 weeks from the date of submission in order to adequately prepare for your consultation.

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